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The Pubs of the Porter Circle

Local Pubs

Around the Porter Circle

Porter Brook (Ecclesall Road) = certainly one of the best landlords in Sheffield.

Russell (Rus) Peckett  is the landlord of the Porter Brook and he’s always happy to sit at the

end of the bar and shoot the shizzle. He’s a well known face in these parts having been

landlord at The Stag on Psalter Lane, The Psalter Tavern on Psalter Lane and the The Place

in Broomhill.

Rus and Janet have made the Porter Brook in to a great little boozer. The Porter Brook has a very wide selection of real ales and the pub is well endowed geographically speaking.

Fancy some people watching? Sit out front and watch the flora, fauna and fruit-cakes of Eccy Road going by.

Fancy privacy/introspection?  Sit in the back and look out over the Porter Brook (the river).

There are a few TVs but they are very rarely on. You might be able to persuade Rus to put the TV on if England are playing Brazil in the World Cup final – no guarantees though.

Word of warning - NEVER TOUCH THE RAILINGS OUTSIDE THE PORTER BROOK - click here to find out why (courtesy of @kiragazerock).

Porter Cottage (Sharrow Vale Road)

= certainly one of the best pubs in Sheffield

The main drawback with the Porter Cottage is that IT IS NEVER BLOODY OPEN.

Don’t even think about popping down to the Porter Cottage for an afternoon pint – it won’t be open.

It is run by a husband and wife team who are so spectacularly wealthy that they will only open when the mood takes them.

Mandy the landlady is in charge behind the bar (and, one suspects, in the marriage) whilst her husband looks after the cellar. They have never been seen to exchange so much as  a word.

Neither spouse seems to relish the idea of customers coming in to their pub and the only thing that irritates them more than each other is the inconvenience of having to serve beer to their bloody customers.

True fact - the Porter Cottage is officially the easiest pub in Sheffield to get barred from (true fact courtesy of @Bobbaaah).

Everyone knows that Mandy DOES NOT LIKE PEOPLE TO COME IN HER PUB AND CLUTTER THE PLACE UP. It is very very easy to get barred from the Cottage. More people have been barred from this pub than all the other pubs in Sheffield put together. Reasons for barrings include “looking at me funny”, “having an asymmetrical face” and “drinking more than 3 pints”.

But if you are lucky enough to catch the Porter Cottage open (and if you can remain un-barred) you’ll find yourself in a great pub.

Lots of real ale and cosy corners to enjoy it in.  The juke box is the best in Sheffield and features tons of local music (eg the fantastic @Amy_Dutronc) – some you’ll know and some you won’t.

It gets very busy and shouty (in a good way) at the weekend.

Finally, if  you looking for an eligible man then Porter Cottage is without doubt the best place to pick up future  husband material.

No TVs at all + no kids allowed.

Alright? Homeless Stu here. In my (increasingly rare) lucid moments I like to get my smart gear on and drink inside some pubs (as opposed to outside the Spar on Eccy Road).

My perfect Tuesday night out is 3 laps around the ‘Porter Circle’. It starts at the Porter Brook then up the hill (Eccy Road) to the Banner Hotel. Up the ‘ginnel’ at the side of the Banner then along Psalter lane to the Psalter Tavern. Then back down to The Lescar, over to the Porter Cottage - rinse and repeat.

That’s 5 pubs x 3 laps = 15 drinks in total. It’s important to drink sensibly so I alternate between Pernod and black in one pub then a real ale in the next. Here’s my guide....

The Psalter Tavern = certainly a pub.

I bloody love the Psalter me. The food is excellent – particularly the huge pizzas.

Big TVs in most rooms and a separate, massive, dining area which is sans TV.  Actually there is a mirror in this area which is a TV in disguise - true fact, have a look down the back and you can see the buttons (true fact courtesy of @alicelindley). It’s never ever on though.

A great pub to just flop down and chill out in. A disappointingly small selection of real ales but they manage to keep something drinkable on one of the pumps, most of the time.

There’s a nice terrace out the front which, regrettably, has the wrong aspect and loses the sun in the afternoon. Members of the Arctic Monkeys can be seen drinking here sometimes.

Kids are allowed in the pub – but only in the dining area, so you can’t take ‘em with you to watch football. BE WARNED – at 8pm sharp a Doberman called Damian is released from behind the bar and any kids that are left on the premises are quite literally torn limb from limb. I don’t mean this figuratively – it literally happens.

The Lescar (Sharrow Vale Road) = certainly one of the most bohemian pubs in Sheffield

The Lescar has had a chequered past. Until relatively recently the pub was a bit dodgy.

The front room was a no-go area for normal folk – rough as a badger’s arse.

The back yard could be even worse sometimes. A thick perma-fug of cannabis smoke would obscure the sun whilst dogs were allowed to crap all over the place.

But things have changed. The stoned teenager has matured in to a wine soaked adult. Fairy lights and comfy chairs abound. Newspapers are scattered around and, seemingly, hundreds of chalk boards exhort you to try all kinds of exotic food and drink.

An excellent range of beers.

No TVs and no kids after 7pm.

My only negative comment is that a large proportion of the clientele are teachers. I hate teachers. Did you know that there is only one month of the year when teachers don’t get any time off? November. I love November.

If pubs are your thing  (and why wouldn’t they be) then I advise you to head on over to (it’s what Jesus would do).

The Banner Cross Hotel = certainly the best ‘proper local’ in the area

The Banner is one of the few pubs in Sheffield to have retained a traditional tap room (or ‘tap oil’ (tap hole) as they say in Rotherham).

Lots of TVs showing football and usually at least one real ale on.

The beer garden is lovely and there’s an upstairs pool table room which also shows football on a big screen.

A proper pub with proper food (as evidenced by the photo below (from @anorthernline).